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“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.” Goethe

Are you concerned about yourself or somebody else?

Can I help you discover what you really, really, want? As an individual or a couple? You might be looking for business or creative coaching or even workplace mediation.

I am a clinical psychotherapist and work with anxiety and depression. I have a specialised interest in the treatment of addictive behaviours in individuals, relationships and families. It's main feature is low self esteem. Addictions might include alcohol and drug misuse, eating disorders, compulsive spending and co-dependency. Assertion, anxiety and communication issues can be a result of having, living with. loving or having been raised with one or other of the above.

You can benefit by:-

Identifying causes of problems

Experiencing relief of symptoms

Developing problem solving skills

Achieving a balanced lifestyle

Improving functioning at home or at work

My work with you will evolve around three core approaches:

Psychotherapy - a process where through conversation we can discover what makes you behave and respond in the ways that you do. Through dialogue, and a safe place to explore your hopes and fears, you come to understand yourself and discover what you want. 

 NLP - the study of subjective experience, and a powerful change technique. The better able we are to understand that process in ourselves, the better able we are to communicate our needs and wants to others.  

Clean Language Facilitation - a method of using metaphorical and symbolic modelling to manage trauma and articulate ideas. Like NLP it has applications in therapy and coaching. 

 Costs may be recoverable through your Private Healthcare Insurance. Please contact me directly for further information.